We love visiting Stone Harbor and the Wildwood areas in New Jersey and go down to the Jersey Shore as often as we can. When we’re in the area, I like to spend an afternoon or evening doing some shopping in Stone Harbor. Why Stone Harbor? Because you’ll find some of the coolest boutique store […]

The Wildwood Park and Benjamin Olewine Nature Center is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It’s right off interstate 81 and within walking distance of Harrisburg Area Community College. If you need GPS coordinates: Wildwood Park 100 Wildwood Way, Harrisburg, PA. 17110. Park Visitor’s Information: There are several different parking lots available (all offer free parking), but […]

We have family that lives down in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area, so we’ve had the opportunity to visit the great state of Virginia, several times. One of the things I love about the state is that you can drive through rolling mountains and the countryside and within a few hours you can hit […]

When planing a trip to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, no trip would be complete without a visit to the Reading Terminal Market located at 51 North 12th Street. If you are driving to the market, you can find parking for $4.00 for two hours. If you’re staying close by, try walking. At Reading Terminal Market you’ll find […]

For the past few years we’ve been documenting some of the historical markers that we come across on our travels across the great state of Pennsylvania. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people drive by historical markers and never look at them or read them. Historical markers are about our forgotten past and it’s a history […]