The story of Subvenio Technologies and Travbot starts in the 80s as two unlikely guys from opposite ends of Pennsylvania meet in college and forge a friendship over football, business and an occasional beer. These two guys were unconventional college kids to say the least.  They approached school as a Monday through Friday job and used their free time to learn about business related topics.  They attended sheriff sales, business seminars and meetings with the Young Entrepreneurs Association as well as the Small Business Administration.  What burned inside of these young men was a deep desire to be self employed.

Over the course of the next 15 years they went their separate ways raising families and building careers independent of one another.  One went the route of opening a vintage toy and hobby shop and operating a full portfolio of independent business ventures in finance, food concessions and advertising while getting married and raising kids.  The other traded his dream for a more traditional corporate ladder climb while also enjoying the life of a young family man. The ladder climb started on the bottom rung and led him through the technology boom then finally placing him as a very successful Cybersecurity manager in an internationally recognized financial institution.  After a decade and a half of this life and many success stories, they reconnected thanks to social media.  The genesis of a new idea was born.  They decided that their life experiences were very complimentary and maybe they could do more good in the world of business as a team.  Subvenio Technologies came into existence in Gettysburg Pennsylvania on July 7, 2007.

Now it was onto the tough job of defining just what this business would be.  It was all the usual questions – what is our name, what is our mission, what products do we offer and at what price?  They labored on and continued to meet weekly as the fine details were fleshed out.  Then life hit back hard  as one member came down with cancer.  He recovered and then the other came down with a far worse type of cancer which put everything on hold and in jeopardy.  With what can only be explained as Divine intervention, a true life altering experience occurred and what started as tragedy flipped to become an amazing story of faith, forgiveness and healing.  It was with this backdrop that Subvenio changed and the Travbot vision came to life. A new vision, a new mission and a new direction had unalterably been set.  Two perspectives but one vision would arise and a commitment to their roots was forever forged.  Small Business owners would now be their focus.

In this world of big box stores, chains and franchises we all forget that small business is the heartbeat of America.  The Small Business Association tells us that small business accounts for 49% of private sector employment and 64% of all net new jobs.

Enter Travbot – is it a website, is it a phone app or is it print media?  It is actually all three and geared completely towards bringing those who travel, in contact with those who operate small businesses. You see the very idea of an assembly line type franchise completely stifles the creativeness that has made America such a unique and inventive society.  Travbot helps to remove the noise of big box and point travelers to the thousands of businesses around this great land owned and operated by ordinary people with extraordinary ideas. Lacking the funds to hire Madison Avenue for promotion and often being located in out of the way places, these are some of the best spots to frequent.  Most importantly, they are run by some of the hardest working and most interesting people you will ever want to meet, each with a fascinating story to tell about how they ended up in business or how they have weathered the storms.

With a strict focus on travel the people at Travbot believe in making your advertising funds work harder by practicing niche marketing coupled with niche distribution.  This involves abandoning the old school practice of throwing thousands of dollars into the wind, with general advertising, and hoping someone hears about you and is interested at that moment in time.  Instead with Travbot the message of your business goes right to people who want to hear about it – the travelers.  Your listing is contained within a permanent community of compatible small businesses and available instantly for anyone on the move.  If your business is a place to Shop, Stay or Eat, there is a place for you in the Travbot neighborhood.